Thursday, May 20, 2010

Long long time!

I know I need to update, and I promise to soon! Things are going so well and Cooper is getting big. He is now 6 pounds!

We are gearing up for some things, and I promise to post new pics soon!


  1. yay! so nice to see a little note and can't wait to see new pics!

  2. That's great! I do have a question for you. Shortly after he was born you posted about a bleed in his brain (I'm pretty sure it was you if not ignore the question. :-) ), but I haven't seen any updates on that. I'm assuming everything is fine, but I was just curious to see how things are with that.

  3. @magdalina... the bleeding was very minor, and last check was healing itself. Recently, they did another ultrasound and found some concerning things on there. Possible brain damage. Cooper had an MRI last week, and everything was normal, and the brain bleed is still healing! Thank you for asking.