Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Been a few days

I know it's been a few days since I've updated. Things have been going well. Cooper has been doing great. He's up to 24ml of breast milk. He has a few issues with spitting up, and they are watching him for reflux. Normal with preemies (and some full-term babies), but his heart rate drops some when he spits up, so they are feeding him at a slower rate to see if that helps.

He now weighs 2lbs 14 oz. His nurse told us when he gets over 3 we may be able to start putting clothes on him! They will try to start getting him to regulate his own body temperature at that time, and clothes will help him stay warm. I can't wait! We have gotten some really cute things as gifts. And, it just seems like one step closer to him coming home!

Tucker went with us last night. Of course, all the nurses loved him! And he was a little ham. I finally got a picture with my 2 youngest kids.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

How is it possible?

How is it possible that Cooper has already been here over 2 weeks? I can't believe it.
Just a small update, because he's been doing so well.

Cooper is now 2 pounds, 12 ounces! That's 2 ounces over his birth-weight! So close to 3 lbs! He is now up to 16ml a feeding. And I changed my first poopy diaper the other day. Who knew I would be so excited about poop?

Hopefully they will be turning down his oxygen again today. As long as he is tolerating upping his feedings, and lowering his oxygen at the same time, they will continue to turn it down more and more everyday.

Our little man is really quite a wonder. The other night when I was holding him, he lifted his head, turned it, and laid back down. Then, yesterday he was in his isolette, and did the same thing. They told us the other day, they checked on him and he had turned himself completely around in his bed. I think he's trying to tell us he's ready to get out! At least that's what I believe!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Total Bliss, or I am a Kangaroo

Had I known that we would have been taking tons of pictures last night, I would have worn makeup. Please disregard the tired woman in the pictures.

Last night, was a great night! I got to do the Kangaroo Hold with Cooper! They say that the skin-to-skin contact is wonderful for preemies. And I truly believe it does wonders for Mommies too!

I had on a nursing tank top, so Cooper's nurse opened the top and shoved him in! When I was first holding him, his heart was beating so fast, but as we were sitting there, I could feel it slow down. He was so relaxed, and so was I. Had the people next to us not been so loud (grrrrr), I could have fallen asleep with him laying there.

He was still 2lbs 9oz last night. They had upped his feeding to 7ml!

Skylor got to hold Cooper for the first time last night. She is such a good big sister. She sat there with him forever. I think they are new best friends!

The other night, one of the guys that works in the NICU noticed Mark's Marshall University hat. Turns out, he's from the same area as Mark in West Virginia. Of course, Mark had to tell them how he wanted to name Cooper "Marshall" and I vetoed it (she who carries the baby, gets final name veto, it's a law. Look it up)
One of the other nurses that works there is from Oklahoma, so our "family rivalry" was mentioned.
I came in and this was on Cooper's bed:

The visit this afternoon was short. I changed his diaper, and got to feed him. They upped his feeding to 10ml!!!

Some not so great news, they did another brain ultrasound and found some bleeding. it's "graded", 1-4. 1 and 2 being minimal bleeding, 3 and 4 more serious. That is when they become concerned with cerebral palsy. Cooper had a grade 1 brain bleed. So, while they aren't concerned at the moment, it is worrisome. I want to ask the Dr what the likely hood of the bleeding getting worse. Hopefully it won't. They will perform another ultrasound next week. We are trying to stay optimistic in light of how well Cooper has done in the last 2 weeks. I can't believe he's almost 2 weeks old!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday, March 23

Just a little update. Cooper had another good day. He's up to 4ml a feeding. His weight was still 2lbs 9oz last night.
My friend Misty went to the hospital with us last night. I think her husband may be in trouble when he gets home from deployment. She kept saying "I want a baby".

Last night, Mark held Coopers feeding tube while he "ate". He was moving his mouth a lot, so the nurse gave him a binkie. He sucked on it for his entire feeding.

His nurse told us that it's great that he's sucking on the bink while his belly is filling up, because he will associate sucking with a full tummy, which will encourage him to take a bottle and nurse. We won't try a bottle until he would be 32-33 weeks gestation. Babies don't develop the suck, swallow, breathe ability until then. But using the binkie is good practice for him.

As soon as his feeding was over, little man passed out! Nothing like a full belly...even on 4ml!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Day!

Today was a good day! When I arrived in the NICU, I noticed my baby looked different.... The C-Pap was gone! No mask over his face! He does still have a tube going to his nose that gives him oxygen, but again, it's more to remind him to breathe.

I had Tucker with me this afternoon. He did pretty well being quiet and coloring while we were there. Of course, he was a hit with all the nurses!
He drew a picture for Cooper while we were there.

The nurses put it in Cooper's bed for him to see.

Cooper was awake most of our visit this evening. He kept opening his eyes and trying to focus on us! It was awesome. I think he is much happier without the mask on. His breathing and heart rate seem to be more stable too because he isn't constantly pulling on it and causing it to get shifted.

Mark's mom sent Cooper some really cute clothes today (thanks, Nana and G-pa!). We took the Preemie onesie with us to see if it would "Fit"....ha!

Hopefully tomorrow we will have the results from his second brain scan. Fingers crossed that there is no bleeding on his brain!

Cooper and his "body pillow".

Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21, 2010 (1 week, 1 Day)

I think there is nothing scarier than looking at your phone and seeing that you missed a call from the NICU. That happened yesterday morning. My heart dropped into my stomach. Luckily, the first thing from the Dr on the message was "everything is fine, Cooper is wonderful". They just needed to update us on some stuff that happened overnight and get our permission for a treatment.

Cooper had another good day. His blood pressure sometimes take a dip, but they think that is due to his mask more than anything. He doesn't like it, and will pull at it, so it gets shifted. There are times he has to be "reminded" to breathe, but usually he self-regulates, which is excellent.

He had another ultrasound of his heart yesterday, and the medicine seems to be working. There was still an opening in his heart, but it was much smaller. The Dr. said that the medicine was still cycling through his system, so it would probably close even more. They didn't see a reason to give another dose. His nurse told us last night that while she could still hear the murmur it was very small. Excellent news!

Now that he is finished with the medication, they can resume his feedings. Speaking of feedings, I just have to brag about my "stash"....

Pumping sucks. There's no other way to say it. I was having a hard time at first being motivated to do it, but I know right now it's the best thing for him. And, I don't think we have to worry about him having enough once he can really start eating!

Mark and I both were able to hold him last night. This was the first time Mark held him. He was nervous and excited at the same time.

Of course, they "talked" about football the entire time.....

I got to change his diaper last night! He's so little it was very nerve wracking. Mark said "the diaper weighs more than he does".

The nurses are really wonderful about explaining everything to us and keeping us involved when we are there. I think it's going to make the transition to home much easier when that time comes.

He loves sleeping on his belly, like his mom.