Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Big Boy!

Wow... I haven't updated in a week. Mainly because Cooper has been doing so well, and they haven't made many changes to him. He is now 4 pounds, 11 ounces...on our way to 5 pounds! Oxygen is being lowered daily, and is up to 40ml of milk!
Speaking of milk, Cooper took a bottle for the first time last night. And he did so well.

He drank 30ml from the bottle, then passed out!

He is growing and getting bigger. The Doctors are so thrilled with his progress.

My friend Marian came with me to see him Saturday night. He looked up at her like he was saying "I don't know your face!" lol

He loves getting a bath. He never cries!

Grandma Barbara sent presents! A beautiful quilt she made. She sewed all the footballs on it. And a cute outfit and robe! Thanks Grandma!


  1. A BOTTLE!?! omg!! He's growing so quickly, and he's so strong!! I can't believe the puppy outfit is almost too small for him!!
    I sit back and I read this blog in amazement, for you, your family, and that miracle of your's, I hold my breath every time I pull up this site or thebump, and knowing that he's okay and stronger now than he was yesterday is such a miracle that I can't even explain to you how much this little boy has touched my life, and I'm a stranger from many miles away. I think about you and your family very often, and I tell people about Super Cooper any chance I can get, he's a fighter, and his story can bring strength to anyone :)
    Hollee (Roxpup)

  2. Aww, yay!! I just love looking at all of his pictures on here and on Facebook. He is so amazing =)