Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cooper's First Bath!

Well, I'm sure the nurses have given him a bath before, but this is the first one I've given him, so we'll call it his first bath!

Tucker was very excited to help bathe his brother

And Cooper loved it. He didn't cry once.

Fun times!

And afterwards, Cooper was so relaxed. Now I know the secret to get him to sleep when he comes home....give little man a bath!

He is now 3 pounds, 7 ounces. He is still having the reflux episodes, but they are less and less, and he self recovers pretty quickly. He really is just going to have to get bigger and outgrow them. Hopefully they will be able to removed his oxygen tube soon. He gets a little puff of air but really, it's mind over matter now. He feels the tube so he "thinks" he's getting oxygen. But in all honesty, half the time the tube isn't even in his nose anymore!


  1. So beautiful! Love all the bubbles and that super cute little man!

  2. aww! He is looking so good. I'm glad to hear that he is doing so well. I bet he enjoyed his bubble bath :)

  3. Bubbles!! So fun and awesome that Tucker got to help, too. He is looking so big and strong to me now - a thousand hugs for all of you!!

  4. Look at those bubbles! He looks like he is having a grand time! Glad he is doing so well!