Thursday, March 25, 2010

Total Bliss, or I am a Kangaroo

Had I known that we would have been taking tons of pictures last night, I would have worn makeup. Please disregard the tired woman in the pictures.

Last night, was a great night! I got to do the Kangaroo Hold with Cooper! They say that the skin-to-skin contact is wonderful for preemies. And I truly believe it does wonders for Mommies too!

I had on a nursing tank top, so Cooper's nurse opened the top and shoved him in! When I was first holding him, his heart was beating so fast, but as we were sitting there, I could feel it slow down. He was so relaxed, and so was I. Had the people next to us not been so loud (grrrrr), I could have fallen asleep with him laying there.

He was still 2lbs 9oz last night. They had upped his feeding to 7ml!

Skylor got to hold Cooper for the first time last night. She is such a good big sister. She sat there with him forever. I think they are new best friends!

The other night, one of the guys that works in the NICU noticed Mark's Marshall University hat. Turns out, he's from the same area as Mark in West Virginia. Of course, Mark had to tell them how he wanted to name Cooper "Marshall" and I vetoed it (she who carries the baby, gets final name veto, it's a law. Look it up)
One of the other nurses that works there is from Oklahoma, so our "family rivalry" was mentioned.
I came in and this was on Cooper's bed:

The visit this afternoon was short. I changed his diaper, and got to feed him. They upped his feeding to 10ml!!!

Some not so great news, they did another brain ultrasound and found some bleeding. it's "graded", 1-4. 1 and 2 being minimal bleeding, 3 and 4 more serious. That is when they become concerned with cerebral palsy. Cooper had a grade 1 brain bleed. So, while they aren't concerned at the moment, it is worrisome. I want to ask the Dr what the likely hood of the bleeding getting worse. Hopefully it won't. They will perform another ultrasound next week. We are trying to stay optimistic in light of how well Cooper has done in the last 2 weeks. I can't believe he's almost 2 weeks old!


  1. Love the kangaroo pics! I would sit there so long holding my babies that I would practically wet myself! LOL! I am super jealous of your comfy rocking chairs. We had hard chairs :(

  2. Yay for skin to skin - how fabulous for you both! He's constantly in my thoughts and I hope the next scan gives happier results. Love you all!! (( hugs ))

  3. I love this...All of It. PFH!! Lots of them!! Whoop!!

  4. He's so beautiful! So happy you got to hold him so close!!!

  5. these, by far, are the most beautiful pictures I have every seen!

  6. He is looking great. And so are you. No tired mama pictures here. :O)

  7. He looks so great!!! Hopefully the bleed subsides soon. I'm so happy the little man is doing so well!

  8. This blog makes me tear up. Everytime I come. and that is usually multiple times a day. LOVE you more now than EVER!

  9. What beautiful pictures... I LOVE them!

    Try to stay positive about the brain bleed hun (easier said then done, I am SURE) but Cooper is such a super hero and he can overcome any obstacle thrown at him <3


  10. Love the pics! Prayers the brain bleed subsides and he keeps on getting stronger!

    XOXO Cooper!