Friday, March 19, 2010

One Week

I thought it might be easier for everyone (myself included) if I created a blog to update on Cooper. I will post pictures and updates as much as possible.

Cooper is doing so well. He is being treated for PDA, or Patent Ductus Arteriosus. Basically, part of his heart that was supposed to close when he was born didn't. Hopefully the medicine, will close it up and not require more doses of medication, or surgery. The only thing is that he can't have any feeds while on the medication. He has gained back about 3oz, so hopefully he won't lose too much before they can start feeds again. He will have another Ultrasound of his heart tomorrow to see if the medication worked.

They have turned his oxygen level down to 8 breaths per minute, and he is at 21% oxygen. Basically, he is totally breathing on his own, the oxygen is just a reminder for him to continue breathing.

Up until they started the medication for PDA he was up to 2ml of breastmilk. The nurse told me today that they will resume that same amount when he is finished with his medication!

Last night I was able to hold Cooper for the first time.
I can not begin to express what that did for me. I have needed to hold him. I have felt like something was missing. Mark was wonderful. We could onlyhave him out of his bed for 30n minutes, and Mark let me hold him the entire time. I offered to let him hold him, but he kept saying he knew how much I needed it. And I did.

We are giving the kids the option to go and see Cooper if they would like. I took Skylor the other night, and she seemed to really enjoy the time with him. She even sang to him, which was such a sweet moment to watch. Dallas is going to go tonight. Jared has said he would feel more comfortable waiting until Cooper is bigger and doesn't have so many tubes, which we understand. It can be quite a scary experience for anyone, and especially for children.


  1. i'm so glad to see you able to hold him! you are both so strong!

  2. So glad you got to hold him. We love you Cooper!!!!!!!!!!